Sunday, August 22, 2010

Justine Patricia Castaneda. Rest In Paradise.

Wow I am so in shock with Tears you was going to meet me at my show last Saturday and you didnt show up and then you called me monday morning to see you and then i never heard from you again, Justine was an amazing girl who had so much to live for... i wish i had done more for you... words cant express how sorry i am that your gone... my heart goes out to her little angel rob and her family..."we fight the fight everyday, we try to stay strong and keep going but sometimes it gets the better of us and we lose the battle....and now God takes her in his arms and loves her harder then ever" May GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU,THANKS FOR THE GOOD TIMES AND MEMORIES GOOD BYE :"(

Take this song with you From Me to You Sweetie!!!