Tuesday, September 28, 2010

American's Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo goes behind prison walls to follow convict cowgirls on their journey to the 2007 Oklahoma State Penitentiary Rodeo. In 2006, female inmates were allowed to participate for the first time. In a state with the highest female incarceration rate in the country, these women share common experiences such as broken homes, drug abuse and alienation from their children. From 1940 - 2008, the Oklahoma State Penitentiary held an annual 'Prison Rodeo'. Part Wild West show and part coliseum-esque spectacle, it was one of the last of its kind - a relic of the American penal system. Prisoners compete on wild-broncs and bucking bulls, risking life-long injuries. For inmates like Danny Liles, a 14-year veteran of the rodeo, the chance to battle livestock offers a brief respite from prison life. Within this strange arena the prisoners become the heroes while the public and guards applaud.

All I really have to say about this documentary is that if you have to do time, try to do it in New York. New York, you can listen to all kinds of different music radio stations on your walkman and sleep all day. You can run and exercise in the yard and eat microwave food while watching The TV. You can read lots of good books and drink Ice tea while brushing up on your Suduko and cross word puzzle skills. You can do all of these things, and more, without fear of being gored to death by a wild animal for the amusement of others

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blade- The Bronx King of the 70's..

Pretty good interesting story on this Bronx king of the 70's. Much love and true respect. Watch learn and Enjoy this Interview of History from a true pioneer of the game!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New OvieOne, T-Shirts.

New OvieOne T-Shirts all sizes for men and women as well. The shirts are Black or white with bubble style letters aka (throw ups) and hand style street tag Designs. Get it while it last. For more Info on puchase contact me at ovie@ovieone.com


Sexi Sabrina Reppin.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Elliott Royl Threadgill. Rest In Paradise.

Elliott was an amazing Friend who had so much to live for. I'll never forget the time you came to my farewell party before I had to turn myself in and all the moral support you gave and show me. I wish I had done more for you... words cant express how sorry i am that your gone... My heart goes out to his family..."we fight the fight everyday, we try to stay strong and keep going but sometimes it gets the better of us and we lose the battle....and now God takes him in his arms and loves him harder then ever" May GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. You will be gone But not forgotten ,THANKS FOR THE ART WORK, GOOD TIMES AND MEMORIES GOOD BYE :"(

My farewell party. Thank you for that night!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

5 Pointz-"Meeting of styles" Queens, NY 2010

Yesterday I had a pretty descent good day at 5 pointz. I wasn't going to paint because of all the issue and stress Ive been dealing with this past week But, I end up waking bright and early with full energy and decided to paint my good sweet heart friend JUSTY name who past away on me. Other than that the weather was beautiful and i got to see and meet cool people and friends as well. Enjoy the pictures!

Sexi Sabrina Reppin.

Me & PerOne. Macking..lol
"Voice of the ghetto" StayHigh 149.

KeyOne. rocking the Iz The Wiz Shirt.
Sade going in on the style..

Saturday, September 11, 2010


God, we come to you a nation in pain.
Hate has wounded us yet again.
We watched in horror as men whose hearts were filled with hatred, destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent people.
But our hearts also swelled with pride as we saw hundreds of Americans, whose hearts were filled with love and service, sacrifice their lives trying to save others. The brave firemen, who marched undaunted into those burning buildings. Those co-workers who perished because they refused to leave the side of the paralyzed or the infirmed.
We find so much hope in their heroism.
On 9-11-2001, our nation lost so many good people, and for years to come we will all hunger for their smiles, for their laughter, for their counsel, for their fellowship.
This tragedy has cast a shadow of fear and sadness over our nation and today we weep for the innocent who have left us.
We mourn for those who have been taken from us.
Those precious children on their first plane ride.
That father, in pursuit of his career.
That mother trying to keep her children clothed and fed.
That young professional trying to make ends meet.
When we think of them, we are overwhelmed by what seems like an unbearable sense of loss.
But God, help us to remember that just as every flower in a storm is safe with you, we know the innocent are safe also, God, in your care.
Because of your love we believe we will see our loved ones again.
Help us to remember that in our sorrow we do not weep alone.
You weep with us and United we will always STAND.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back To Court

Here we go again as some of you may know Nyc Transit Police Special Investigation Unit aka (SIU) has made it there mission in life to take me down one way or another once again. Apparently they gave Yonkers authority evidence to force and build a case on me. It's not enough that I already served my time or that
due to my being on parole and having a criminal record I'm unable to find a decent job,O
r even that they make appearances at my shows and harass and embarrass me.If all that is not enough
that I was months away from having my parole lifted, these Officers are now having me charged for something I allegedly did back in 2006. I paid my debt to society and I've been abiding by the law and staying out of trouble and I only paint legal now.But since it's personal and they want to make and example out of me the saga continues,When will it all end? Its a shame how tax payers money is being wasted on non sense like this.
So its official I will be turning myself in this Tuesday to the city of Yonkers to face the music. I want to thank all my Family, friends and fans for your continued support please keep me in your prayers.

Sye Tc5 & OvieOne Fba. @ Tuff City.

In re guards that I might have to turn myself in this week to fight another legal Battle in court and stress out as hell I Decide yesterday to hook up with Sye Tc5 and do a nice collaboration at Tuff City Styles Tattoo's in the Bronx. Painting with Sye was real cool, He's very down to earth, cool, funny and all smiles type of dude. In Between the hours of painting we would crack jokes and I would have Sye laughing up a storm lol. Overall what more can I say the weather was great and the day was perfect. Shout to KeyOne Tfp. who stop by and share a few good old school storys with us.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

FBA Crew (Fast Breakin Artist)

This sunday I went to see the Legendary FBA Crew painting @ Tuff City Doing there thing. I was very amaze, happy and honor Announce to be a part and welcome into the crew. Thanks to Tack , Serve and Spade for giving me the opportunity to repp like a true right artist that I am. Much love and respect to Tack, Spade, Alive5 and Serve for putting in the good word for me.

Thank You..

Tack & Serve getting busy.