Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back To Court

Here we go again as some of you may know Nyc Transit Police Special Investigation Unit aka (SIU) has made it there mission in life to take me down one way or another once again. Apparently they gave Yonkers authority evidence to force and build a case on me. It's not enough that I already served my time or that
due to my being on parole and having a criminal record I'm unable to find a decent job,O
r even that they make appearances at my shows and harass and embarrass me.If all that is not enough
that I was months away from having my parole lifted, these Officers are now having me charged for something I allegedly did back in 2006. I paid my debt to society and I've been abiding by the law and staying out of trouble and I only paint legal now.But since it's personal and they want to make and example out of me the saga continues,When will it all end? Its a shame how tax payers money is being wasted on non sense like this.
So its official I will be turning myself in this Tuesday to the city of Yonkers to face the music. I want to thank all my Family, friends and fans for your continued support please keep me in your prayers.

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  1. Question for you, do you mind if I download and post the pics from the Paterson art, to my SIL (Justine's) memorial page on FB.!/pages/In-Memory-of-Justine-Patricia-Castaneda/157882820894979?v=wall My husband and I have been adding to it slowly and trying to get it off the ground. We wanted something a little more public since J. would remove people from the friends list after fights which now seem so silly, but since it was memorialized only confirmed friends can get on there. Thanks.

    Also, if you want to add any other pictures or messages, please feel free. And I am going to have her father post on her current page to her friends that the site is up, but feel free to note it as well.

    My email is too if you need to talk to me for any reason.

    Thank you and please let me know here or via email.