Thursday, December 30, 2010

My top 5 favorite pieces for 2010..

What can I say about 2010, Well this year was a new chapter in my life, Considering my options and standards of my life. After coming home to rebuild my life once again, This time it is for the very best. I had to make tough decisions which means I had to close old doors and open new ones. As far as 2010 was concern it was a growth of my life to move on and not to look back. That being said I couldn't second question my decisions, But for the most part I don't have no regrets , With that being said here are my best top 5 pieces I did this year, It was kind of rusty for me in the beginning but as the months went by my style started to develop and being more on point than ever threw out my years in Graff. Hopefully 2011 I will be coming full force harder than ever with new jump off style and more collaboration with my new doors open on the legal legit side of course. I want thanks and give a shout all to all my true real peoples that painted with me and show me the only love, respect and surrport bless ya all..HAPPY NEW YEARS 2011 HERE WE COME!!!!

Stay & Ovie.

Ovie, Jee, Logek

Ovie. FBA . Serve