Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Legendary CesOne Show @ The New Tuff City Styles!

All I can say is that in-spite what people may say about Ces Good or Bad I feel the man is a true pioneer and earn his title Legendary in this game. When it comes to Ces which I still consider him on my top 5 of best piecer of all time list this guy had pay the waves and took it to another level of what style was become now in this generation of graffiti today. With that being said what more can I honesty say ? People that know Ces know the history and the hard paying dues this guy has accomplish! I want to say thanks to Tuff City for the invite I felt that I needed to show the love and support back especially for all the love they show me in the past from doing my first Solo art show there in the BX and all the time they have aloud me to paint there train. Thanks Guys the new place is fire, Enjoy the pics!

Coming Threw in the Limo.

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