Monday, April 11, 2011

Sky High off the Bronx River.

Every time I think about this night back in 2005 and how dangerous it was I start to ask myself "What was I thinking" . All I could Remember about this night was the addiction and obsession I had to do this dangerous spot and I sure wasn't going to be denied. I remember the mission from climbing up from the side of the fire escape building up to the roof and then down the little mini steps hanging off the rear building Facing The Bronx River Pkwy 6 story's high on to the mini ledge which was maybe about 3 feet wide of the billboards. Now while doing my Throws-ups I remember placing my paint on the ledge and holding real tight at the inner holding frame from the billboard. At one point I remember my legs shaking so bad from the fear I had when I look down and realize how SKY HIGH I was that I even by accident tap one of the cans with my shaking legs off the ledge and watch it drop 6 story's down, But in the end it was a successful mission all for fame. Now when I look back at it I start to realize how crazy and stupid it was putting and risking my life in danger knowing that if I would have fell off GOD for bit, It would have been the fall to my DEATH!

Ovie, Vee.

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