Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 911

God, we come to you a nation in pain.
Hate has wounded us yet again.
We watched in horror as men whose hearts were filled with hatred, destroyed the lives of thousands of innocent people.
But our hearts also swelled with pride as we saw hundreds of Americans, whose hearts were filled with love and service, sacrifice their lives trying to save others. The brave firemen, who marched undaunted into those burning buildings. Those co-workers who perished because they refused to leave the side of the paralyzed or the infirmed.
We find so much hope in their heroism.
On 9-11-2001, our nation lost so many good people, and for years to come we will all hunger for their smiles, for their laughter, for their counsel, for their fellowship.
This tragedy has cast a shadow of fear and sadness over our nation and today we weep for the innocent who have left us.
We mourn for those who have been taken from us.
Those precious children on their first plane ride.
That father, in pursuit of his career.
That mother trying to keep her children clothed and fed.
That young professional trying to make ends meet.
When we think of them, we are overwhelmed by what seems like an unbearable sense of loss.
But God, help us to remember that just as every flower in a storm is safe with you, we know the innocent are safe also, God, in your care.
Because of your love we believe we will see our loved ones again.
Help us to remember that in our sorrow we do not weep alone.
You weep with us and United we will always STAND.

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