Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

First off I want to give thanks to GOD for giving me the opportunity to live another day on this day and to be with my lovely family My Mom especially who I put threw alot with my bad decision threw the years But always manger to deal with it and always hads been there for me threw out my ups and down. Also my Dad who never gave up on me even when I felt there was no faith or chance for me to pick myself back up my Dad always believe in me and show me the strength. Also want to give me Blessing to those who are lock down that couldn't be here today and there family's, And to all my true friends in spite of all the changes I had to make in my life that still stood by my side and been very supported to towards me thank you all. Much Love and Respect. Bless you all..

Your Brother aka The Truth:

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