Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rolling with Cory Gunz & Square Off (Slim and Trips).

What a night I had yesterday chilling with Slim, Trips and Cory Gunz on the set @ Tuff City doing the Art Work for there Latest Video coming soon "THE PAIN" During the video shoot I had non thing but fun, drinking, joking and these Rappers admiring and loving my art work I did for them. I want thank my boy Nat Prinzi for putting on to the project and showing me love and also Tuff City for letting use the space to make this happen. Here some preview pics. Wall Pics and Video coming soon.

Ovie & Cory Gunz.

Slim, Cory Gunz , Ovie & Trips..
Bmf Crew & Cory..

Preview of

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