Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Xmental Paint Straight Program.@ Brooklyn.

Paint Straight® is a Restorative Justice Program for youth charged and convicted as vandals. Paint Straight® was created by
Tynneal Grant and is facilitated by Ralph "Tatu", Tynneal and other supporting staff. Xmental University operates Paint Straight® programming in conjunction with the New York Department Of Probation. The program curriculum is designed to rehabilitate young minds about respect, art, history and law. Through our programming, we provide the youth with precise education and opportunity to make positive and responsible decisions with their artistic talent. Paint Straight® also serves as a Prevention Program in regards to safety, drugs and violence. Paint Straight® uses a very define Hip Hop Pedagogy when delivering the rehabilitative message of each session and today I was happy and bless to share my life experience of all the down dark side I when though with dealing with the prison system I had to face with my graffiti crimes and show them the positive factor that graffiti can bring without them getting lock up or in trouble due to doing illegal graffiti. Members that also spoke:

Doves, Chino and Queone Martin(founder of "Carter Magazine"A hip hop based magazine.

It was a great session as a reporter and photographer from the Dailey News reported on our program.

Thanks to Tatu for love much and respect.

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