Monday, June 4, 2012

Rocking The Bronx Botanica 2012

Well as this weekend went by I was invited by the true Hard Rocs Louie 167 to paint for the Botanica Store. This was my first street piece in a while since 2010. Overall I had a great time with laughs, Jokes, and Painting with Serve FBA, Louie 167 HR, Tyke TFO and Ske HR. Apparently no sooner once the wall was done next morning some faggot ass hater decided to across and white wash over my piece But at the end of the day is all good cause I'm still THE TRUTH and I'm still going to be around doing me so this is just an itch and I just scratch it right off.

The Truth

Louie 167 HR.

Serve FBA.

Pose Rip By Tyke TFO

 Its all good you faggot that's just the fucking coward and realest hater you are!!!!

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