Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Today was a awesome and great day for a very special friend who came down from L.A. to see me Name Luna who is the Assistance Director from Crewest Gallery out in L.A. While doing this Collaboration with my brother Kerz on this Halloween production we was able to combine the Cancers Awareness Ribbon as part of the production  and show our love and support for the cause. I want to give a very special thanks and shout out to Luna for having the STRENGTH, COURAGE and BRAVERY to fight off the Cancer and still continue to rep and support The Cancers Awareness Community. Also Shout out to Hydra for painting the train with us as well. Thanks for the fun and visit and lets do it again soon. Enjoy the pics.

Hydra getting down

Kerz in action

The Truth Baby.

Luna Loon.

Cancer awareness ribbon.

Yes eating like Dons. lol

Luna by Ovie and Fue by Kerz

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HR. Hard Rocks Crew BBQ @ Tuff City.

Want to give a special shout to my Brother Louie167 and the Hard rocks Crew for inviting me to your BBQ at Tuff City. Thanks for the love and support ..